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Did you know Maribou Salon is one of the top hair extensions salons in the Folsom area? We have several hair extensions stylists who are very experienced and certified in applying popular Bellami Hair Extensions along with several other brands. 

Maribabes are showing off their new Bellami Hair Extensions:

The Best Hair Extensions in Folsom

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to hair extensions, which is why we’ve curated a collection of brands and styles to offer you the best of the best hair extensions. Depending on your hair type, your style, and the amount of upkeep required, we’ll recommend the hair extensions that are perfectly suited for you. And that's exactly why our clients tell us that we have the best hair extensions services in Folsom.

Why we love Bellami Hair Extensions at Maribou Salon in Folsom

You may have first heard of Bellami Extensions from beauty influencers like Guy Tang and Kylie Jenner, but hair extensions aren’t for just celebrities anymore. Women everywhere have figured out that switching it up with hair extensions is the most non-committal way to totally transform your look and make a huge impact on your appearance. And Bellami makes pulling off a total hair transformation a no-brainer with their quality and selection.

Bellami Offers High Quality Hair

Bellami, Italian for beautiful me, is one of the most recognized hair extensions brands in the world. Bellami extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair with the cuticle intact. These are luxury extensions with hair coming from a single donor, all strands facing the same direction, and with uniform thickness from root to tip. They are discreet, have less tangling, and look great for a long time. The creators of Bellami hair extensions have thought of everything.

Selection of Hair Extensions Colors

bellami color ring hair extensionsBellami has put a lot of thought and research into their color pallet. They have 50 pre-colored shades including beautiful natural shades, vivid fashion colors, and in-demand looks like Balayage, Ombre, Sombre and Rooted shades. Even though these quality Bellami extensions can be colored in the salon, with so many options, that won’t even be necessary!

Wefts Available in Different Textures

Some lines of hair extensions are only available in one texture. Bellami extensions are offered in straight as well as body wave texture. Their wavy texture can easily be styled into a smooth, straight look with a blow dryer or flat iron. Bottom line, Bellami hair extensions will blend in nicely with your natural hair.

Short and Long Extensions Available

Not everyone wants to maintain waist length locks. Extensions can boost short and medium hairstyles too, and can be applied to hair as short as 4" long. That's why Bellami extensions have a great range of sizes, available in two inch increments from 14” to 24” in length, depending on the type of extension and the texture. We order your hair in the length closest to your desired style, then trim the ends. Interior layers are nipped to blend away any blunt edges.

Types of Bellami Extensions at Maribou Salon in Folsom

At Maribou Salon, we like the Bellami lineup for their I Tip Extensions as well as their Hand Tied Wefts. One is a beaded application, the other is a sew in application with a choice of densities.  Here is a little description of each one and how they are applied.

I-Tip Hair Extensions (a beaded application)

i tip extensions FolsomI Tip hair extensions use a strand-by-strand method with bead attachments. Each I-Tip extension is made up of many hair strands bonded together at the tip. They latch onto your natural hair using high quality copper beads with a silicone lining to protect the hair.

I-Tips are a great option because they can be applied close the scalp like a tape in extension. Adding length and volume around your face and crown will be very discreet. All your natural hair will be left out, unlike weaves, where the majority of natural hair is braided and concealed under the extensions.

Your I-Tip extensions application will last six to eight months, while the hair itself, which can be reapplied, will last over a year. We recommend a visit to the salon every four to six weeks so that the cylinders can be opened and shed hair can be removed. Once all the debris is cleared, your stylist will slide the cylinder back up and secure it over new growth.

In Straight Texture, these are available in 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24”

In Body Wave Texture, these are available in 16”, 20” and 24”

When it comes to hand tied extensions, Bellami offers two different types of wefts: hand-finished and machine-finished. Both use a sew in application, both start with a base row of beads.  You may hear this process referred to as NBR or natural beaded rows. First a row of beads is threaded and attached to the natural hair, then a tiny weft is sewn onto the bead. They can be installed on a secure base of beads with all your natural hair left out, or they can be applied to a base of braids like a weave.

Bellami Hand Tied (with hand finished wefts)

hand tied weftThese hand tied wefts are the newest addition to the Bellami lineup and offer a lightweight sew in application with buildable volume. They are ideal for normal to fine hair. Individual wefts are hand-knotted with fine thread, so they feel airy and comfortable. This featherweight construction is ideal for stacking volume where you need it, stacking shades for highlights and dimension, or for adding pops of fashion color without the commitment. Bellami Hand Tied Wefts are applied with a looping tool, beads, threader, nylon thread and a special needle. 

We recommend maintenance every 4-6 weeks as your hair grows out, with a re application of new hair every 12 -18 weeks. With proper maintenance, your hand tied weft will last 6-12 months.

In Straight Texture, these are available in 14”, 16, 18”, 20”

Bellami Volume Wefts (with machine finished wefts)

volume weftsBellami Volume Wefts Extensions are ideal for coarse, curly or thicker hair because the wefts themselves are denser. Like hand tied wefts, they are a sew in application, so no tape, glue or heat needed for this volume-enhancing look. Here's the big difference. Bellami Volume Wefts are machine finished, versus hand finished, in order to pack more density to give extra fullness with comfort. This machine finishing can produce a thinner, more flexible weft that lays flatter to the scalp.

Bellami Volume Wefts are applied with a looping tool, beads, threader, nylon thread and a special needle. The application process takes 3-6 hours. With proper maintenance, your volume wefts will last 6-12 months.

In Straight Texture, these are available in 16”, 20”, 22”, 24”

In Body Wave Texture, these are available in 16”, 20” 24”

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