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At Maribou Hair Salons in Folsom and Roseville, CA, we understand that a great haircut is essential if you want a long lasting flawless hairstyle. That's why our creative and efficient hair team pride themselves on their attention to detail. Your haircut starts with a consultation to assure that we understand exactly what your hair needs and can deliver a flawless cut.  You will also get a price estimation in advance with all fees explained before we get started.  

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A Great Haircut Starts with a Great Hair Stylist

Not all hair trends will suit every face shape, and that's totally ok! Our expert hairdressers will work with your to find a haircut that compliments you rather than just following the latest hair trends. First, we assess your face and head shape – checking the balance of your features i.e. nose, mouth, ears and forehead. We will also talk to you about your lifestyle, work demands, sports activities - in fact anything that will help us give you the best hair cut and style that is wearable and that you can easily maintain at home.

The Latest Hairstyles

Remember hairstyle trends and fashions are here to give you inspiration rather than a carbon copy!  When you see a picture of a hair cut you like, bring it to your Maribou stylist, who will do their best to deliver a stylish cut that suits you.  Be sure to visit our blog section to find our latest hair cut and style trend reports.

The Best Haircut & Hairstyle for Me

The best haircut for you is one that brings out your authentic beauty. With a few tricks of the trade, the right hair cut can help draw the eye away from areas you aren't keen on and highlight your best features. Play up your eyes, the tone of your skin, your bone structure or those bouncy curls!

Short Hairstyles

There is a vast array of woman's short hairstyles and cuts available from sexy short crops, geometric cuts, dramatic chops and pixie cuts. We can create textured short hairstyles that can take you from the office to the dancefloor. Whatever cut and style you choose, short hair cuts are designed to really accentuate features and face shapes. If you've got natural body or curl to your hair, we can find the perfect short hairstyle to play up your natural beauty.  

Bob and Lob Hairstyles

The classic bob haircut is a firm favorite and can be updated with layers, bangs, curls and graduated styles. The long bob (or a lob) hairstyle is flattering and long enough to be tied back for exercise and styled into a variety of elegant upstyles. 

Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium hair length is versatile. Whether you want volume, waves, curls, poker straight or even a fancy up do, a medium hair cut is easier to style and maintain. Talk to your Maribou stylist about your lifestyle and your personal style and let them guide you on the perfect medium length haircut and style just for you.

Long Hairstyles, Hairstyles with Layers

The long hair trend is a classic and will always be here to stay. Whether it's natural or through hair extensions there is always a great degree of fascination with long hair. Texture in long hair can be created by layers, and shape and framing can be achieved by the use of feathering. Whether you want a bohemian, grunge or formal style, we can work with you to achieve the look and style that you envision. Long hair means that you can be versatile when it comes to up-do's such as buns, beehives and braids.

Hairstyle Trends

Hairstyles with bangs are hugely popular and are great for making your face appear smaller, and giving a dramatic and unforgettable appearance. Bangs are a great way to make an impact to your hairstyle with a simple change. Side swept fringes can give a youthful appearance as well as adding more elegance to an up do. Speaking of up dos – buns and low ponytails are a classy and simple up do. They have a flirty and vintage feel to them which flatter most face shapes and exude confidence.

Men's Haircuts and Hairstyles

A men's hair cut can be more technically challenging because shorter styles are less forgiving of hair cutting and style errors. Our qualified hair stylists have many years of experience with working with men's hair. Some of the hottest looks for men’s hair cut and styles are:

  • Longer on top with short tapered sides
  • Softer lines, texture
  • The classic men's hair cut for a conservative tailored look.

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I love Maribou Spa Salon - I have all of my beauty services done there. From hair styling to waxing. Plus they give you a glass of wine or champagne, who doesn't love that extra touch. 😉

We can design the perfect hairstyle to suit your face shape and features.

That's a big part of our training as cosmetologists.  Your face shape and features are the starting point for creating a balanced and flattering style. There is a cutting strategy and a hairstyle to complement everyone, so whether your face is round, square, long or oval, there is a hairstyle for you. 

What is your face shape?

The best way to know your face shape is to pull your hair back in a ponytail or a headband and look in the mirror.  Or, using a picture of yourself, or your reflection in a steamy mirror after a shower, trace an outline of your face.  Nobody's face is a perfect anything, but in your facial silhouette, you may see a rounded shape, square shape or elongated oval. As hair stylists, we are the masters of disguise and we can create the illusion of balance and proportion with different cutting techniques and controlling the way hair falls around the face. 

Long Face Shape

One of the best hairstyle tips for a long shaped face is to add visual width to balance the length. This will ensure that your face looks in proportion. Curls and waves are a great way to add this additional volume and the added width will make your face look slightly wider instead of looking long and thin.

Bangs and layers are also a great way to disguise a longer shaped face and they are also fab for disguising facial features such as a large forehead. A blunt bang for example, will almost cut the length of a long face in half, taking the focus away from features you would rather disguise.  This is a great trick for people who don't like their foreheads.

Sarah Jessica Parker is an example of someone with a long face shape, and she's gorgeous! Look at her pictures online, in any year, any season, you'll see some great examples of hairstyles that flatter a long face.

Round Face Shape

Women with a round face shape often request a style to make their face look slimmer or longer. A good way to do this is to go for a hair cut such as a graduated bob. Kelly Clarkson is an example of someone with a round face shape. She often wears a graduated or layered bob hairstyle of varying lengths, and she always looks chic!

Updo hairstyles that have a lot of height will also elongate a round face. A wavy fringe can take the focus away if you want to disguise facial features that you’re unhappy with. Adele, another beauty with a round face shape,  shows how this works perfectly in terms of a hairstyle.

Oval Face Shape

Having an oval shape face gives you a lot of versatility and a lot to play with. A helpful hair style tip for an oval shape face is layers. Layers in particular are fantastic for accentuating chins and high cheekbones which can be very flattering.

Jennifer Aniston’s hair with it's layered straight style became iconic. This is one of our favorite hairstyles for oval shape faces.

With shorter hair, styles that are short at the back and sides give great definition to an oval shape face. Check out any of Rihanna's short hairstyles for a lesson on how to show off fantastic cheekbones on an oval face shape.

Square Face Shapes

In order to make a square shaped face look longer or thinning, a sleek, straight style works wonders. Lots of layers and center part are also great for complimenting square-shaped faces. Gwenyth Paltrow, classic square facial shape, is a great example of how a long sleek style is an excellent hair style for square-shape faces.

With shorter styles, short and wavy bobs will really flatter square face shapes. Look for Keira Knightly pictures of her wearing a short bob cut to chin length, a style that will compliment a square jawline.

When in doubt, talk to your Maribou Hair Stylist about the perfect haircut for your face shape!