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Highlights, Balayage and Ombre at Maribou Salons in Folsom and Roseville CA

You want to give your hair color a little dimension and contrast, right? When you're looking for some face-framing flattering highlights... you have a few options. Our hair color experts can use a range of techniques to add interest to your hair colour including blonde highlights, balayage, ombre hair colour and blonding services.

Foil Highlights

Foils are the traditional application method for adding lowlights and highlights to your hair. There are various techniques we use to distribute the highlights to your hair using foils. You can opt for a full head of highlights, which are perfect if you wear your hair up often, as the color is even throughout your hair. A full head of highlights can be as natural looking or as bold as you would like it, your Maribou color expert can add in as many foils as your hair will allow.  
You could also choose a half head of highlights to touch up color on top of your hair and around the crown. Accent foils are just a handful of foils placed around the face, to flatter your features and touch up your existing color.  

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Your Maribou color expert can create depth and interest to your hair color by using highlights and lowlights. Highlights are used to lift your hair color and the color we add will be a few shades lighter than your base colour. Lowlights are a great way to add depth to your hair colour and, just as with highlights, will only vary a few shades from your base color. There are also many other hair color techniques that we can use such as:


Babylights are traditional foil highlights which are applied using a delicate hair color technique to mimic the subtle, lighter hair color seen on children’s hair. This technique works best on the fine hair around the hairline and parting.  During this foil service, your hair stylist will take very small, delicate sections of hair to lighten.


Another hybrid of balayage and foils hair color techniques, where sections of hair are teased before lightener is applied, accentuating hair color from the mid length down.

Money Piece Foils

Money Piece highlights add a bright frame of blonde around the face. It's an easy way to freshen up your look without a lot of fuss. Our stylists who do a lot of highlights will tell you they spend the most time foiling the front hairline because it’s what’s most noticeable, especially with blonde clients. So why not get your face framing highlights, or money piece foils, touched up in between your full balayage/highlight appointments. It’s a cost effective way to keep your blonde highlights looking fresh with an amazing grow out. If you tend to go 3+ months in between your full highlights, try coming in for a toning service along with some money piece face framing foils to keep your hair from looking grown out and brassy!  

Shadow Root

Some clients don't like visible highlights up near the scalp or where the hair parts. A shadow root is a perfect solution. The shadow root look is super lived in with more base color showing. This look can be achieved with a root smudge service where a demi permanent hair color is applied.  


Balayage creates a lived in, natural looking hair color. The look can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish – and we can use a variety of colors from brunettes, reds and blondes to vivid hair colors. Blonde balayage is an increasingly popular look for those looking to lighten their hair color including subtle honey-blonde color to silver platinum blonde color trends.  


What else would we call the technique that combines balayage and foils? Foilayage is essentially a balayage which incorporates foils to accelerate the lifting and give more brightness to the highlights. Foilayage is all the beauty of balayage but lighter, brighter and faster. Some colorists prefer the extra control they have over placement using the foils. Foilayage creates a lived in, natural looking hair color.

Ombre Hair Color

If you are a fan of smooth and perfectly blended hair color, ombre may be the technique for you. Ombre hair color is by far one of the most popular hair trends these days, and for good  reason… ombre shades look fabulous on just about anyone. This color trend essentially mimics the natural growth of colored hair, leaving the roots dark and the tips light, this also makes it a low maintenance hair color choice.  

Not sure what the difference is between ombre and balayage? Don't get hung up over using the right terminology, bring your picture inspiration to your hair color consultation, your Maribou stylist can assess which hair color technique best suited for you. 

Blonding, Bleach & Tone Services

Blonding is one of our most popular services here at Maribou! Whether you are looking to brighten your blonde locks or change your hair color from dark shades to bright blonde, you're in the right place! We have multiple options to create your perfect shade of blonde hair, our experts will assess your skin tone, eye color and even personality to find your perfect blonde color, using highlights and lowlights to create a color as individual as you are.   

Please bear in mind that blonde hair transformations can can several steps and require patience. Depending on how much lifting we need to do, it may take more than one appointment to achieve your desired blonde shade. Our advice is to enjoy each stage of your blonding journey, the results will be worth it!

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