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Start the Semester in Style!

School is back in session which means it’s time for study groups, tailgates & homecoming activities! When you're meeting new people - and seeing people for the first time after break - you want to feel good about how you look. Come see us at @maribousalon and let us help you get your year started right! A new haircut, gorgeous hair color...with your best hair ever, you'll be ready for anything this semester.

Notice all the visible base color? That's Lived In Blonde!

Lived In Blonde with Balayage

Blonde hair is always popular, but lately, blondes want more of a natural looking, lived in hair color. The look of lived in blonde was inspired by women who want to avoid the look of fresh, up to the root highlights. For the lived in look, we use a balayage technique and focus the highlights around the face and from the mid lengths to the tips. As a result, you have a lot more of your base color showing and hair grows in without an obvious root line. While the balayage process might take longer than a foil highlight, the look can last for several months!

Notice the blonde pieces around the face. They keep the blonde in Bronde!

BRONDE Hair is Having a Moment

It's not a bright, high maintenance blonde, but it's not exactly brunette. It's somewhere in the middle of a wide spectrum of blonde hair. Bronde hair is not new, but it's certainly gaining popularity as women embrace the idea of taking their blonde hair down a notch or two. If you are a fully-highlighted blonde open to a more natural look, you could be the next bronde girl. Come in for a preview and we'll look at some colors up against your skin and your eyes. You'll be amazed at what a difference this color shift can make.

We LOVE the attitude of these haircuts.

The Revenge Cut

Headed back to campus after a tough summer? Last report card wasn't on point?  Time to get your head in the game. If you want to step on campus making a statement, go for a new haircut. Not just a trim...go for a new length, side bangs or fringe, or anything that says "things are different now!" You're a year older, smarter and wiser. Greet the semester with a new attitude and let everyone see a new you.

Notice those hair extensions? We didn't think so!

Hair Extensions for Fun

You wouldn’t even know these were extensions if you didn’t see the before picture. Don't spend another semester wearing a ball cap and a ponytail. Whether you wish your hair was a little longer or a little fuller, with hair extensions, you can wear your hair down with confidence.  You can even add pops of color -where's your school spirit? - without the commitment. We offer several types of human hair extensions as well as the fun stuff like feathers, crystals and tinsel.

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