Gloss Bomb for a Blast of Shine at all Maribou Salons

When it comes to hair color, you may have heard the terms glaze, toner or gloss before, and they are all forms of demi-permanent hair color used to tone, color-correct, or refresh hair color while enhancing your hair’s natural shine. At Maribou Salon, we call this shine blast a Gloss Bomb because it's the best way to get that ultra high gloss that is so in right now. 

Who needs a Gloss Bomb?

If you feel your hair, whether colored or not, is looking dull and lacking richness or shine, you'll love a good Gloss Bombing. A Gloss Bomb is the perfect followup to any hair color service to dramatically boost vibrancy and shine. It can be used after a permanent hair color service, highlight service or even a color correction.  We can even do a Gloss Bomb on natural hair without any added hair color. There are 2 Types of Gloss Bombs.

Tinted Gloss Bomb

Just like it sounds, a tinted gloss bomb contains noticeable pigment. A gentler form of hair color, a gloss bomb is a low commitment hair color service that provides hair with high shine and a subtle wash of color while improving the look and feel of hair. If you want to add a little color this season, a tinted Gloss Bomb could be the way to go, especially if you like like to change things up frequently. Because of the demi-permanent formula, the tint is easier to lift away when you're ready to indulge in your next color.

Clear Gloss Bomb

Not looking to change your color? A Gloss Bomb doesn't need to have any pigment at all. A clear Gloss Bomb applies a transparent shine coat to enhance your natural hair without introducing any added color. A clear Gloss Bomb will enhance the look of your natural color and condition you hair, leaving it super shiny and healthy looking. Some or our non-color clients LOVE adding a clear Gloss Bomb to a haircut appointment for the extra boost of softness and shine.

Add a Gloss Bomb to any service for just $39. Be sure to mention when booking your appointment so that we can plan for some extra time at the sink.