4 Hair Color Looks for Fall

The weather is changing and the new season is officially here. Women from all over the Greater Sacramento Area are coming to Maribou with a common hair color request. They want to transition their color into Fall, and they're willing to change things up- even if that means going a little darker!

Yes, you can keep try these looks and still keep your brightness. Here are 4 looks we love and how to get them.

The Honey Toned Balayage

honey toned balayage salon folsom roseville CA

Go for the gold! Golden tones for blonde hair are in. If your blonde hair or lightened hair tends to go ashy or cool as it lightens, you can add warmth with a single process color, all over or just at the roots.

The Dimensional Blonde

dimensional blonde balayage salon folsom roseville CA

Everybody is asking for dimension with their blonde hair. Not only does dimension keep chemically enhanced blonde hair looking natural, it makes the grow-in more forgiving. 

The Bronde Beauty

bronde hair color salon folsom roseville ca

Bronde is that beautiful space between blonde and brunette and it's quickly gaining momentum. Blondes are giving their hair a break from all the lightening...and finding themselves looking revitalized!

The Root Melt Balayage

shadow root melt balayage salon folsom roseville ca

This look was inspired by women who don't like the look of fresh highlights. They love the blonde boost but don't like when their highlights go all the way to the roots. A root melt blurs the lines between highlights and new growth at the scalp by applying a single process color after a highlights service just at the roots.

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